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Hi, im Mac Slone

Let's Get Acquainted

For 20+ years I have worked on all manner of jobs from chef to taxi driver, from Aerospace and sub sea production engineering to Pharmaceutical process trainer, from private security to support worker. Needless to say I have been around the block! 

But wait! What are all these get rich quick adds on my email list, Facebook and YouTube? This led to me doing months of research in all manner of E commerce. After all something was clearly happening but for one reason or another my head had been firmly planted in the sand.

After months of watching videos and attending countless webinars, I discovered a pattern! It is actually true, these things can make you money and can free up your time. But how can i, with no knowledge of these platforms, no knowledge of YouTube and more importantly no money, actually start? TIME, we all say we have none but is that true? Your time is managed to what you prioritise in the day to day activities of your life. So let me ask you this, you've been to work all day, just got home tired kids jumping around and you say" i just want to sit and watch some TV  and relax" sound familiar? Well you have just made the decision to kick back and do nothing, thus continuing the cycle of complaining.  All of this takes time, effort and work. Know this! Nothing comes easy. If you pass your driving test, does that qualify you to a rally stage in Switzerland? Hell No!! This being said, if you put in the effort, we would like to connect with people all around the world with different skill sets all willing to help one another for FREE! At the end of the day your business is what makes you money, kindness has no price.

As a visitor here, you are presented with the opportunity to be a part of a fantastic community, a community willing to go that extra mile to help people to achieve and extract talent they didn't know they possessed. Whether it be Amazon FBA, Drop-shipping, High ticket closing, YouTube or online coaching or even a Social Media Marketing Agent. Whatever your skill set or experience.

Thank you so much for being part of this community. Remember your only an underdog if you allow yourself to be.

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